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Why I Zlog

Posted in Aryans, Global domination, Hollywood on August 30, 2006 by trotta

What has driven a high-ranking member of the Zionist Occupation Government such as myself to write a tell-all Zlog?

Well, I hope that my Zlog will make a fortune when its publication rights are sold – and I will use these earnings to bribe my way into fulfilling my dream of…. a hollywood career. Unfortunately for thespy Zoggers, Hollywood is one of the few areas of global life not ruled by ZOG. In fact, the sparsity of Zionists in Hollywood makes legitimate infiltration by Zoggers a tall order. The ZOG has in the past tried to correct this anomaly to little avail. Our plants were crap, reading like a who’s who of no hit wonders, nobodies who litter hey! it’sthatguy!

In Hollywood, there are Aryans everywhere!!! Aryan Spelling, Aryan Sorkin, etc. No place for a Zogger!

And why are all Hollywood tv transmissions so overloaded with Scots?


Mmmmm…cake for tea!

Posted in Cake, Tea on August 30, 2006 by trotta

but where's the milk???


Posted in Global domination on August 30, 2006 by trotta

The ZOG map of the world is here revealed for the first time:


Notice how Groucho Marx, who the world thought harmless to all except Chico, Harpo and the inhabitants of movieland Casablanca, was in fact a ZOG operative off the coast of Madagascar.