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Still cake

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Zogblog – friend of the noble cake.


Masonry – craftsmen operatives of the ZOG

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See here. And you thought it was just the freemasons…


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Apologies for the hiatus, blogfans, but being an Elder is a time consuming affair, let me assure you. And also the new season of Desperate Housewives has started on Zionist television network abc.

ZogBlog has always promised to be the home of shocking revelations and that was no empty pledge. It is time zloggers heard one of the more astounding of the cunning tricks employed by the ZOG – the use of fake opponents; buffoons who are so contemptuous as to make ridiculous their claims of a global Zionist conspiracy.

These planted puppets are termed Zogbots by Zoggers and I have in my possession a number of top secret files detailing Zogbots currently degrading the name of those who resist the ZOG. And for the first time, these Zogbots are exposed:


Galloway is on the left

Buffoon George Galloway (on the left) is here exposed as a Zogbot.



Most people just think that Pilger is a twat (see comments here), but in fact he can here be revealed as a Zogbot!

Indeed, beware of the Zogbots. More Zogbots to be revealed at a later date.