Blogosphere drunks have rumbled another Zogbot

In a blow to the ZOG, the identity of a top secret Zogbot has been leaked to an Aryan blog. This damaging revelation reveals that Official Fruitloop Chart Topper, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is none other than a Zogbot, created by Zionist Elders to eliminate the credibility of anti-Zionists.

Fruitloop Knocking

“It is arguable that the Holocaust Denial Conference in Iran is the best piece of anti-Iranian propaganda you could concoct. It makes you wonder if Ahmadinejad secretly works for Mossad.

….Whooops!!! Bit of a blooper there Blogfans!….

Although, the drunken bloggers are sufficiently fooled by the Zogbot Ahmadinejad to ridicule the honest, honourable and respectable attempts of Mohammad-Ali Ramin to alert the world to ZOG efforts to murder gentiles with AIDS, SARS and avian flu.


One Response to “Blogosphere drunks have rumbled another Zogbot”

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