ZOG behind London 2012 olympic logo

It is certainly no secret that the ZOG orchestrated the decision to award the 2012 Olympic Games to London. Now this Zogger is ready to tell all you Zloggers out there why the ZOG was so keen for the eggandspoonextravaganza to be hosted by Great Britain. The reason was that us cunning Zoggers realised that the UK was the only country where we could get away with introducing this as the official olympic logo:

2012 logo

The ZOG’s design clearly has no aesthetic purpose – but what many don’t realize is that the image contains subliminal messages and hypnotic waves to be used for mind control.

Of secondary benefit has been the publicity the logo has given to agent of the ZOG, Bill Clinton. Not to mention that also given to ZOG cartoon the Simpsons.

We really had you there, thinking you were going to be able to ride out the games with a logo as useless to us as this:

the good old days

Of course we weren’t as subtle as usual with the mind control thing, got caught red-handed somewhat… Need to refine some of the technology no doubt.


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