zogbot surpasses expectations

zloggers may remember our exclusive zogsposé that outed george galloway as a zogbot. george has been one of the ZOG’s most successful zogbots, verily fulfilling the mission statement:

“the use of fake opponents; buffoons who are so contemptuous as to make ridiculous their claims of a global Zionist conspiracy”

now gg has really surpassed himself, please allow us to indulge outselves with some quotes from his latest newspaper column:

“HAPPY Easter, Christ is risen. Not that you’d know it in this Godless country presided over by a son of the manse.”

“And the proposals in the Embryo Research Bill before the House imminently blasphemes against the very idea of God.”

“Des’s conscience has allowed him to make illegal war in Iraq in defiance of his Pope

“Apparently oblivious to the soldiers gambling on Golgotha at the foot of the cross as Jesus died and Our Lady wept, bookies were allowed to open on Good Friday for the first time in our history.”

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. You are not dreaming. You are indeed reading the words of a so-called marxist bemoaning the godless nature of the government and that a minister is in defiance of his pope. Beyond parody. GG is the zogbot that keeps on giving. (His crescendoing track record of mocking the theory of evolution is ever more satisfying…)

Even his byline photo is fugly:



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