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the cola conspiracy

Posted in cola, Global domination on May 6, 2008 by trotta

what it says

for those foolish enough not to believe the words of a hamas mp (on a hamas tv channel nonetheless!), yes it’s true pepsi is a zionist conspiracy.

“There are companies established by the colonialists and occupiers – large companies with branches all over the world, like Pepsi, Pepsi Cola. This is a well-known company. Pepsi is an acronym. P-E-P-S-I – Pay Every Pence to Save Israel. Pay every pence – pence is one hundredth of a dollar – to save Israel. Pay every pence to save Israel. Shouldn’t the Muslims have a fund, a company, or a large project to save the Al-Aqsa Mosque?”

yes they should! the Zog has long known that cola is the solution to most problems – which is why coca cola is also a zionist conspiracy. coca is an acronym, c-o-c-a, or should i say Consume to Occupy and Conquer Arabs. and the red design of the logo? signifies the blood of the gentile children we like to devour as sandwich filling in between pieces of unleavened bread. or bolshevism. take your pick.

yep that was just our bit of fun

pepsi – only fit for monkeys!

saving israel