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zimzog – you heard it here third

Posted in Aryans, Bloopers, Global domination, media control, politicos, the mossad on March 31, 2008 by trotta

the ZOG has been busy rigging the elections in zimbabwe

(and whoops those damned aryan non-zog media outfit have found out about it)


the humble triangle – a zionist conspiracy

Posted in Aryans, Cake, Global domination, music, triangle on March 25, 2008 by trotta

it is generally unknown outside of the upper echelons of the ZOG that the humble triangle is a zionist conspiracy. but ZogBlog can now reveal the unholy shocking truth about mankind’s second favourite geometric entity!


have you not noticed that the ZOG symbol consists solely of two triangles???:

two triangle ZOG symbol

furthermore, fellow Zloggers, could you have guessed the horrible, gruesome truth behind the origins of the triangular musical instrument oft dubbed the ‘triangle’? yes, it’s a cruel, merciless ‘joke’ played by the Zionists on mankind!

a windup by the zog!
And now you know why the ZOG is so fond of cake? (Clue: notice anything about the shape of this slice…)


or this one?

yes please!!!!

or these????????

ooooooooooooolooks good to mecheesey

so now it all makes sense! slices of cake are themselves a Zionist conspiracy designed to keep the aryans fat and unhealthy!

The home of tea

Posted in Aryans, Cake, Tea on June 18, 2007 by trotta

I am taking this opportunity to big up the home of tea
– as a tea fan. I now await a reciprocal gesture…

And what a good excuse for a picture:

tea and cake

Blogosphere drunks have rumbled another Zogbot

Posted in Aryans, Bloopers, Global domination, Zionist chickens, Zogbots on December 22, 2006 by trotta

In a blow to the ZOG, the identity of a top secret Zogbot has been leaked to an Aryan blog. This damaging revelation reveals that Official Fruitloop Chart Topper, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is none other than a Zogbot, created by Zionist Elders to eliminate the credibility of anti-Zionists.

Fruitloop Knocking

“It is arguable that the Holocaust Denial Conference in Iran is the best piece of anti-Iranian propaganda you could concoct. It makes you wonder if Ahmadinejad secretly works for Mossad.

….Whooops!!! Bit of a blooper there Blogfans!….

Although, the drunken bloggers are sufficiently fooled by the Zogbot Ahmadinejad to ridicule the honest, honourable and respectable attempts of Mohammad-Ali Ramin to alert the world to ZOG efforts to murder gentiles with AIDS, SARS and avian flu.

Why I Zlog

Posted in Aryans, Global domination, Hollywood on August 30, 2006 by trotta

What has driven a high-ranking member of the Zionist Occupation Government such as myself to write a tell-all Zlog?

Well, I hope that my Zlog will make a fortune when its publication rights are sold – and I will use these earnings to bribe my way into fulfilling my dream of…. a hollywood career. Unfortunately for thespy Zoggers, Hollywood is one of the few areas of global life not ruled by ZOG. In fact, the sparsity of Zionists in Hollywood makes legitimate infiltration by Zoggers a tall order. The ZOG has in the past tried to correct this anomaly to little avail. Our plants were crap, reading like a who’s who of no hit wonders, nobodies who litter hey! it’sthatguy!

In Hollywood, there are Aryans everywhere!!! Aryan Spelling, Aryan Sorkin, etc. No place for a Zogger!

And why are all Hollywood tv transmissions so overloaded with Scots?