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meanwhile in scotland

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caught out again



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former mossad boss:

“We couldn’t carry out a better operation at the Mossad than to put a guy like Ahmadinejad in power in Iran.”

that’s another zogbot revealed… (although of course zlogblog told you first)



ahmadinejad is one of the most exposed zogbots these days, it seems – so much so that even the mossad are happy to discuss him!

communist propaganda ragsite people’s cube is also onto this one…



and it’s not just zogbots

like all other communist organizations, people’s cube are patsies of the zog……so we got them to pwn the mullahs to add to the zog orchestrated humiliation of iran (we used mind control)…

zimzog – you heard it here third

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the ZOG has been busy rigging the elections in zimbabwe

(and whoops those damned aryan non-zog media outfit have found out about it)

yikes caught (again) with our zionist pants down

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One of the few media organizations to slip through the net and sadly not be controlled by the ZOG is ‘ArabNews‘. The organization is a newspaper that has recently discovered the ZOG conspiratorial truth behind the Spitzer sex scandal.

the guilty man - or set up by the ZOG?

ArabNews correctly reveals that Spitzer was stung in a ZOG operation – namely entrapment by a Mossad-operated DC vice ring. Amazingly, according to the newspaper, “a spokeswoman for Spitzer did not return calls for comment” – which is astonishing considering that the revelations of a ZOGplotiracy being behind Spitzer’s downfall goes some way towards exonerating him! Of course, what the ArabNews didn’t know but should have guessed is that Spitzer’s spokesman is in the pay of the ZOG!

portrayal in ZOG media

Unfortunately the article goes on to have a crisis of confidence by suggesting, albeit as an afterthought, that:

    Whether any of this is true is difficult to confirm at this time

Well I am happy to confirm here that the allegations are indeed true. I can also further pepper up the story by revealing that Spitzer’s wife, Silda, is a ZOG agent!

Eliot galaxy silda

postscript any double entendre in the headline of this post was entirely intended

whooooops…busted again!!

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word seems to have got out about a whole list of our operations. there’s gonna be some red faced zoggers!

unhappy zogger

ZogBot Galloway exposed on an inferior blog

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So Galloway is a Zionist stooge? Well, erm, yes. But we revealed that to be the case last october!

George Galloway (Felis catus):

some taxonomy

Belted Galloway (Bos taurus):

there's loads more pics on google

ZOG behind London 2012 olympic logo

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It is certainly no secret that the ZOG orchestrated the decision to award the 2012 Olympic Games to London. Now this Zogger is ready to tell all you Zloggers out there why the ZOG was so keen for the eggandspoonextravaganza to be hosted by Great Britain. The reason was that us cunning Zoggers realised that the UK was the only country where we could get away with introducing this as the official olympic logo:

2012 logo

The ZOG’s design clearly has no aesthetic purpose – but what many don’t realize is that the image contains subliminal messages and hypnotic waves to be used for mind control.

Of secondary benefit has been the publicity the logo has given to agent of the ZOG, Bill Clinton. Not to mention that also given to ZOG cartoon the Simpsons.

We really had you there, thinking you were going to be able to ride out the games with a logo as useless to us as this:

the good old days

Of course we weren’t as subtle as usual with the mind control thing, got caught red-handed somewhat… Need to refine some of the technology no doubt.