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yes it’s true we killed him

Posted in cable television - yep that's us too, Global domination, tentacles on March 16, 2008 by trotta

Cable (just a simple corruption of ZOG speciality “cabal“!) is well known to be a ZOG operation. the bbc has been kvetching about ZOG cable channel HBO…

While the BBC ran the production through Stafford-Clark, HBO’s involvement did have an impact, says Hilary Salmon, the BBC executive drama producer overseeing the series, which stars David Oyelowo as Joseph of Arimethea, James Nesbitt as Pilate, and the relatively unknown Joseph Mawle as Jesus.

Salmon says: “[HBO is] more sensitive than we are to the Jewish angle. Many of its core audience are Jewish liberals who set the cultural agenda much more than here, so we had a Jewish consultant, as well as experts on the gospels. You had to be careful not to tie yourself in knots though.”

the tentacles are coming for you bbc! (although we slipped one past you…)


whooooops…busted again!!

Posted in Bloopers, cable television - yep that's us too, Global domination, Hollywood on January 8, 2008 by trotta

word seems to have got out about a whole list of our operations. there’s gonna be some red faced zoggers!

unhappy zogger