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whooooops…busted again!!

Posted in Bloopers, cable television - yep that's us too, Global domination, Hollywood on January 8, 2008 by trotta

word seems to have got out about a whole list of our operations. there’s gonna be some red faced zoggers!

unhappy zogger


yuled better believe it!

Posted in Global domination, Hollywood, wall of sound, zionist christmas conspiracy, zogmas on December 14, 2007 by trotta

it’s old news that the modern christmas has been hijacked and commercialized by the zog in an international zionist conspiracy. but revealed here for the very first time… the mind-blowing zogsposé of zogmas 2007… the darlene love/writers’ strike zionist conspiracy!

operative of the zog phil spektor sowed the seeds in this multiple decade spanning conspiracy back in the 60s when he recorded darlene love singing christmas (baby please come home), a zog mind control song written like many other zogmas songs by international zionists in an attempt to control zogmas. the zog then sat back on this conspiracy until the mid-80s when they planted darlene love on the letterman show to sing the zogtune every zogmas…until now! the zog bided their time until this event was an essential component of zogmas. like canny dealers of crack cocaine, they had america hooked on 60s pop. and now they’ve pulled the plug on the letterman show with the writers’ strike.

with america facing xmas without the annual lovefest they are entirely at the mercy of the zog! this must be one of the most audacious zogspiracies in recent history!

but as loyal zlogger, i will reward you with a leak right from the top of the zog. happy zogmas!:

Zogclusive: More ZogBots unveiled

Posted in futurama, Global domination, Hollywood, Zogbots on August 29, 2007 by trotta

Today’s Zogsposé may come as a surprise to regular Zloggers, who will know that Zionists and their agents are very hard to come by in Hollywood, partly because the place is so overpopulated with Scots.

But hard to come by does not mean non-existent. In fact, Hollywood Zionists have succeeded in passing off one of their most ingenious ZogBots as a serious and legitimate Hollywood actress for decades. An actress, nonetheless, who has been peddling her art since the early ’60s in the small time intervals where she pauses her main activity of humourless and overpious nonsense talking. These characteristics are surely made explicable when realised that Vanessa Redgrave is a ZogBot – whoever heard of a Bot with a sense of humour?!


Although the whole Redgrave acting collective are ZogBots, Vanessa has certainly been the most successful. Corin has been plagued with technical faults.

The genius of the VanBot is that a persona has been created that is sufficiently irritating to instinctively cause much of the public to scorn the argument being espoused. The VanBot is so effective at this tactic that some miscreant ZOG members have after several sherries considered unleashing the VanBot on topics as seemingly incontravertable as preventing African famines and reversing the decision to cancel Celebrity Big Brother 2008 – to name just two ideas overheard in the past week.

Why I Zlog

Posted in Aryans, Global domination, Hollywood on August 30, 2006 by trotta

What has driven a high-ranking member of the Zionist Occupation Government such as myself to write a tell-all Zlog?

Well, I hope that my Zlog will make a fortune when its publication rights are sold – and I will use these earnings to bribe my way into fulfilling my dream of…. a hollywood career. Unfortunately for thespy Zoggers, Hollywood is one of the few areas of global life not ruled by ZOG. In fact, the sparsity of Zionists in Hollywood makes legitimate infiltration by Zoggers a tall order. The ZOG has in the past tried to correct this anomaly to little avail. Our plants were crap, reading like a who’s who of no hit wonders, nobodies who litter hey! it’sthatguy!

In Hollywood, there are Aryans everywhere!!! Aryan Spelling, Aryan Sorkin, etc. No place for a Zogger!

And why are all Hollywood tv transmissions so overloaded with Scots?