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zogbots go on march. in march.

Posted in Global domination, shakespeare (history plays), st custard's, zog cuisine (christian children), zog front groups (stw coalition), Zogbots, zogplotiracies on March 16, 2008 by trotta

“beware the ides of march” a soothsayer once said.

as every fule kno, the ZOG orchestrates all war to feed our lust for blood, especially around passover time. and as any fule kno, all war includes that little skirmish in mesopotamia. so the ZOG has decided that any sentiment pertaining to oppose the war must be discredited.

EXCLUSIVE! zogplotiracy (quoted from ZOG memo): on the ides of march send army of zogbots (who can’t count) to trafalgar square organized by ZOG front group startstop the war coalition.


genius! the zogbots oppose the war because erm “911=inside job”, “911+77=1984” [sic], “freedom for palestine”….


…”end the siege in gaza”, “don’t attack iran”…

wizard of oz understudy

…and, of course, nuclear weapons.

nice job by the zog methinks. lots of mixed up confusion.

hat tip: rally promotional images from bbc