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new york post steals ZogBlog headline – and scoops us on spitzer

Posted in Global domination, media control, plagiarism, politicos, the mossad, vice ring, zogplotiracies on March 28, 2008 by trotta

regular zloggers will recall ZogBlog’s revelation that eliot spitzer was the unfortunate victim of a zogplotiracy run by the mossad designed to trap the spitz in a vice ring scandal. even more loyal zloggers may find the latest new york post headline on this story familiar:

we love perez!NEW YORK POST

busted again ZOGBLOG

however ZogBlog can forgive this shameless plagiarism due to the ZOG ownership of the new york post (and all other western media). And for this reason, we can also forgive the new york post for scooping us on the existence of a SECOND mossad-operated vice ring that ensnared the spitz as a client. but try thinking up your OWN headlines next time guys!!!


yikes caught (again) with our zionist pants down

Posted in Bloopers, Global domination, media control, politicos, sloppy, the mossad, vice ring, zogplotiracies on March 23, 2008 by trotta

One of the few media organizations to slip through the net and sadly not be controlled by the ZOG is ‘ArabNews‘. The organization is a newspaper that has recently discovered the ZOG conspiratorial truth behind the Spitzer sex scandal.

the guilty man - or set up by the ZOG?

ArabNews correctly reveals that Spitzer was stung in a ZOG operation – namely entrapment by a Mossad-operated DC vice ring. Amazingly, according to the newspaper, “a spokeswoman for Spitzer did not return calls for comment” – which is astonishing considering that the revelations of a ZOGplotiracy being behind Spitzer’s downfall goes some way towards exonerating him! Of course, what the ArabNews didn’t know but should have guessed is that Spitzer’s spokesman is in the pay of the ZOG!

portrayal in ZOG media

Unfortunately the article goes on to have a crisis of confidence by suggesting, albeit as an afterthought, that:

    Whether any of this is true is difficult to confirm at this time

Well I am happy to confirm here that the allegations are indeed true. I can also further pepper up the story by revealing that Spitzer’s wife, Silda, is a ZOG agent!

Eliot galaxy silda

postscript any double entendre in the headline of this post was entirely intended

zogbots go on march. in march.

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“beware the ides of march” a soothsayer once said.

as every fule kno, the ZOG orchestrates all war to feed our lust for blood, especially around passover time. and as any fule kno, all war includes that little skirmish in mesopotamia. so the ZOG has decided that any sentiment pertaining to oppose the war must be discredited.

EXCLUSIVE! zogplotiracy (quoted from ZOG memo): on the ides of march send army of zogbots (who can’t count) to trafalgar square organized by ZOG front group startstop the war coalition.


genius! the zogbots oppose the war because erm “911=inside job”, “911+77=1984” [sic], “freedom for palestine”….


…”end the siege in gaza”, “don’t attack iran”…

wizard of oz understudy

…and, of course, nuclear weapons.

nice job by the zog methinks. lots of mixed up confusion.

hat tip: rally promotional images from bbc